The Grace Mask was launched in January 2013 by Aurelia Stratton to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through portraits and stories.

We Believe in Jesus, His Word, His Church, and the power of the visual story to proclaim His Grace.


Last Christmas

The former owners had one year to redeem the property. So we went back to living life. And I kept doing my thing. Listening to stories. Photographing portraits. Sharing testimonies. And over again. School started. Jason and I took a road trip to Atlanta so I could attend a conference in October.


Spiritual Disciplines | Service

Spiritual Disciplines | Service | {from Amy}   The wonderful thing about a lot of the disciplines, to me, is that they are mostly between me and God. Prayer, worship, meditation, study, fasting – I can do all of those things by myself, for my own personal relationship with my beloved Savior.


John + Sarah

John + Sarah Ivaska established 9.4.1993 Bethany | Courtney | “Little” Sarah   My name is John and this is my beautiful family. I am Sarah’s husband and Bethany, Courtney, and “Little” Sarah’s Dad. This year has been a crazy year for our whole family.

S o c i a l   M e d i a