A New Name: Abandon Lust

A few years ago a wildly popular movie hit theaters and I honestly Could. Not. Believe. how many women went to see it. I am not even going to mention the name of it because I don’t want my blog coming up in a search for a nasty film depicting sexual abuse as anything but what it is (actually, perhaps I do?) A sequel is now out and I hear it will end up being a trilogy. The movie, based on the marketing I saw, was entirely about lust in a relationship between a man and a woman.

The popularity of this story tells me some things about my female peers.

  1. They have horrible marriages to cowardly husbands who need to man up and lead their homes as Holy Spirit-empowered men of God.
  2. If they are not married they are looking desperately for a man to abuse them in marriage.
  3. And this is the one I will speak to… they desire to be desired by a “perfect” man.

I get that one. I do.

This fleshly desire points to a spiritual desire. And the arguments I heard from my very misled Sisters in Christ who defend this story and their paying to see it tell me we have a “running on empty” love tank as the Body of Christ. We are on empty because we are not going to the right fueling station.

Paul’s words in Galatians 5 tell us who we are NOT before he goes into who we ARE in Christ. There is no arguing with women who are Spirit-inspired, which is MOST of us, we want to be known for love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. You’d have to be a soulless animal not to want to be known for such beauty. But while we are all Spirit-inspired, we all struggle to be Spirit-led at times don’t we? We sort of like that feeling of being sensual, identified by our flesh rather than our spirit, don’t we? We like people to know not to mess with our men, our kids, our ministry, our mission, our work – jealousy, strife, envy? We feel entitled at times to have outbursts of unrighteous anger which leads to enmity, disputes, and strife, right? We idolize people. We celebrate sorcery. We get drunk. We party wildly. And we completely forsake our Groom in doing so. We have been given a new name but don’t identify with it.

You are Spirit-inspired if you’d rather be known for love rather than lust, for joy rather than jealousy, for peace rather than strife, for patience rather than anger, for kindness rather than envy, for goodness rather than being drunk, for faithfulness rather than disputes, for self-control rather than wild partying or anything else Paul lists between verses 19-21. To be Spirit-led… to be Spirit-empowered is to desire the only perfect Man to ever live, who by the way deeply desires YOU! Keep your eyes on The Groom!

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