The Grace Mask Blog was launched on January 13th, 2013, to encourage women in the church to share their personal testimonies through a portrait session. For the first 6 months those portrait sessions were photographed in my garage. We photographed sessions in all sorts of weather – rain, snow, and wind – with the garage door up to let in light. But none of that mattered to us because we knew powerful imagery draws attention and we were pointing to Jesus with our words. Between 2013 and 2016 60+ personal stories were shared on this blog. The first issue of The Grace Mask Journal was released in the Fall of 2017. This project was the work of an amazing team of women who believe speaking the word of God over the image of God results in the making of disciples for Jesus.

Our story as Jesus’ Bride is symbolized in the marriage between a man and a woman every day… there is a back story, he invites you to be his bride, you say yes, you are engaged, you get dressed, and you receive a new identity. All of those individual moments are beautiful stories we love to tell about our relationship with our man. But that is hopefully just ONE day of your life here. I have GOOD NEWS ladies! That one day is a symbol of what is happening in you RIGHT NOW with Jesus Christ! You are somewhere in that love story today. Where are you? Do you know He wants you to be with Him? Have you said “yes” to Him? Are you dressed? Are you living in that new identity as His Bride? The biggest question I have for you is this… are your eyes fixed on Jesus?

My husband and I photographed weddings for 10 years. The most beautiful stories we captured in that time had one element in common throughout the day – the bride was completely in love with her groom; her eyes were fixed on HIM. And that focus made her radiant – all day long everyone was watching HER but she was watching HIM!

The world loves to say, “All eyes on the bride”… YOU and I are that Bride so we must, at all times keep All eyes on THE Groom, Jesus!

Ephesians 5:26-27 is nestled into a challenge to husbands to love their wives and we often miss what it says about Jesus, our savior, redeemer, eternal lover, and our perfect Groom who will one day return for us. These verses tell us so much about our identity in Christ – they are the anchor verses for The Grace Mask…

“Christ’s love makes you (the church) whole. His words evoke your beauty. Everything He does and says is designed to bring out the best of you. Dressing you in dazzling white silk, radiant with holiness.” MSG (paraphrased)

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