Amanda | 10 Years New

My name is Amanda.


I met Jesus the summer before my Senior year of High School while visiting my grandparents in Ozark, Missouri, that was almost 10 years ago….

My home life in Houston, Texas, was a wreck… my mom was in jail and my dad worked crazy hours and had a live-in girlfriend with a total of 6 kids in the house…me being the oldest. Just before I left for my summer visit to Missouri, my boyfriend and I broke up.  I had been using drugs and alcohol heavily during my teen years so once I lost my “only stability”, the boyfriend, I thought my life was over.

After crying on the bathroom floor for hours one night my sweet grandmother said something along the lines of, “Stop crying on my floor. Your life is not over and I am tired of all this wailing…if you want to find some friends or someone to listen to you, go to that big church down the road!” I took her advice and went to “that big church”.

I gave my heart fully to Jesus Christ on July 9, 2003 at James River Church  in Ozark, Missouri.  I cried on the altar for what seemed like hours after service was over. I made the decision to follow Him because I felt peace in His presence. I suddenly had hope that my life would not always consist of drugs, violence, and hopelessness. That one day I would be able to raise my children in a home where God was the center and we laughed everyday instead of crying… although there are still lots of happy tears when I share my story…

He has helped me overcome many terrible habits and most importantly he has changed my mind, the way I think. He has taught me to care about those around me and always place others before myself. Not to push people and manipulate people to get what I want for myself, but to trust that He is working on my behalf in His timing. I love Him not only for His sacrifice for me but also because He has opened many doors of opportunity for me and my family to serve Him and others. I truly do laugh everyday with my husband and children!  We grow together and seek Jesus together everyday. We have been given opportunities that not only have changed our lives, but are changing the lives of others as well. He continues to bless us exceedingly and abundantly, with far more than we could ask or imagine. He truly is my sweet Jesus.


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