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Meet my friend and hair stylist, Brandy Birdsell, owner and lead stylist at Shear Perfection Salon in Springfield, Missouri.  She has been married to Jeff for 12 years and is the mother of 4.

When this blog launched earlier this month I sent out about 16 gift vouchers to some of my favorite ladies.  These invitations were hand-delivered and mailed to women who have known about this incredible mission I am on to work on my own, in my own style, and by my own rules.   (By the way, I am printing more of those vouchers and keeping my eye out to bless my cheerleaders…. wink, wink!)

Brandy was excited for me and completely supported me when I told her “it’s on, I’m doing it!”.  As a business owner she completely understands faith leaps and risk taking.  This precious friend listened to me vent about my lack of qualifications.  She listened to me hash out ideas for the future of our business.  She helped me think through all of my challenges and gave her insight on what defines beauty.  We’ve talked about how beautiful feels, what the title “beautiful” means personally and within the “image” industry.  We’ve had many discussions about this Grace Mask idea in the mirror while she trimmed and shaped my hair every 5 weeks.  And she has always said to me, “You know you can do this!”

When Brandy and I talked about her session she told me her goal was to get beautiful non-smiling shots along with the smiling images.  I love this.  I don’t think Brandy is alone in that wish.  We want to look confident and beautiful and so many times if girls aren’t smiling, people think they look upset or mad.  Nonsense…. look at this beautiful lady!


We may “smile and laugh at the days to come” as Proverbs 31 states of the God-fearing woman, but when you tell a woman who she is in Christ … a glorious, radiant, beautiful bride without spot or wrinkle, she looks up and her eyes reveal the soul of a woman who is confident and covered by the greatest LOVE any of us can ever know…. the love of Jesus.


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