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My name is Cori.


I was eight years old when I went to an Assembly of God camp for the first time.  My grandpa, my hero in the faith, is the one that asked me to go.  He lead the bus ministry for the church, therefore, he was the one driving us to camp.  It was there that I was introduced to Jesus.  I will never forget asking Jesus to come into my life.  I was at the altar when another girl (my age) came up to me and led me to the Lord.  It radically changed me that day.  The very next day at the same altar the same girl prayed for me to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  AMAZING! Jesus completely transformed my life  at that camp and began the process of building me into the woman I am today.

My life is not perfect.  I have made many mistakes since that day at camp.  However, a perfect girl is not what Jesus was looking for in me.  It was my willingness he wanted then and he still wants today. He wants me to allow him to change me, mold me, and grow me in my relationship with Him. It isn’t following a list of do’s and don’ts that make me a Christian.  I’m a Christian because I surrender my ALL to Jesus daily.
Following Jesus is like marriage. As a married woman I don’t want to upset my husband.  I want him to be pleased with me.  My relationship with Christ works much the same way.  I don’t want to do the things that he has asked me not to do, because I want to please him.  I know God’s desire is to protect me and give me my best life.  Unlike a human, Jesus’ love for me is perfect. In faith, I obey him and believe he will keep his promise. He has not failed me. He has walked with me through valleys, but God has never failed me.
I’m thankful my foundation of faith was laid during my childhood.  Because my dreams for the future were already taking shape. Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. Every girl fantasizes about what her life will be like when her prince charming enters into her world.  I was just like every other girl in America.  I dreamt of the day I would meet my prince.  I couldn’t wait to get married and be a wife and mother to many children. I thought often of how many children I would have, and wondered how my husband and I would minister in our life together.
My dreams came true on January 3, 1998, when I married my prince.  Scott Jett was everything I had ever dreamed of and more.  He treated me like his princess.  Don’t get me wrong, we fought just like every other couple.  However, our dreams and passions lined up with one another.  We wholeheartedly followed God, and pursued our dreams in ministry.  We had many bumps along the way but I believe those bumps are lessons that help us grown and learn.
In June of 1999, we received our first of many gifts to come, our first son.  Another little man came along in February of 2001.  Then our amazing daughter in May of 2004.  We then were shocked with another son in March of 2007.  We were living our dream. I was blessed to be a stay at home mom with 3 boys and a girl.  Scott was pursuing his dream as a minister.  We were a family, doing ministry together.  In July of 2008, Scott became the Youth Ministries Professor at Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri.  We had just moved into our new home when we found out we were expecting ANOTHER BABY! WHAT?! I was good with the four, but God always gives us more than we can imagine.
In September of 2008, Scott began shopping for a motorcycle.  I did not like this idea at all.  I made that known.  However, Scott was going to buy a bike, regardless of my opinion.  So, being the cool wife that I am, I beat him to it.  I purchased the bike for him.  I showed up at the Central Bible College campus and, in front of his class, handed him his riding gear and the keys to his new bike.  I remember his words to this day: “I have everything I have ever dreamed of, a HOT WIFE, four kids and one on the way, the job of my dreams, a rottweiller, a jeep, and now a bike. I am one happy man!”
On September 12, 2008, Scott Jett decided he was going to go out on his bike for the first time.  He kissed me good-bye and told me he loved me.  He swung his leg over the bike and started it up. And with his children starring in awe at him, he drove away.  That was the last time we would ever see him.  I remember life flight going over the house.  It wasn’t until my neighbor came and said there was motorcycle wreck up the street, that I began to question if Scott was ok.  The kids and I got into the truck and headed to the scene.  Upon arrival, I was informed that Scott had gone to be with the Lord.
My world erupted.  I pulled my children out of the truck and explained to them that their daddy’s work on earth was done, that he went home to be with Jesus. As God himself held my breaking heart I spoke to my children…
“We have to fight for who daddy was and who Jesus is.  We have to tell everyone about Jesus, just like daddy did.  Then, when our work is done on earth, we can go home just like daddy.”
I was in shock. But, God walked with me the entire way.  He gave me the wisdom and strength to lead my kids through the hardest day of our lives. To this day He has not left my side. Though I have felt alone at times, I have never been alone.  I know God is with me.
Eight weeks after Scott’s death my younger brother was diagnosed with cancer.  He moved in with me and my kids.  My parents moved away from a city and a home they loved to be with us and help us.  My brother has been battling cancer now for 5 years.  He has recently been told that they have no cure for him.  They can only prolong his years.   My family is fighting battle after battle but we know Who wins and we are holding onto Him.
These trials have brought to mind many questions.  I had to decide why I was serving a God that took my husband away and left me alone with 4 children and one on the way.  Was I serving God for what he does for me according to MY dreams?  Or was I serving him for what he has done for me based on HIS plan and purpose?  I decided, God sending his only son to die on the cross for me was enough for me to serve him.  Life was no longer about me and my dreams, but about God and his Kingdom.  My reasoning for serving God, has changed in the last 5 years.  I have decided that no matter what has happened in the past and no matter what happens in the future, I will give my ALL FOR HIS GLORY.  I just want everyone to see just how amazing God is.  He is amazing in good times and in the midst of tragedy and loss.  He never leaves us.  He always provides for us.  I had to let go of my “all American dream”.  I had to completely release my life to God and HIS plan.
I often think of the life of Paul, in the Bible.  He lived a life full of trials.  He rarely, if ever, complained.  He was imprisoned for preaching the Good News of Jesus. While in prison, he was put into a contraption which placed his body into positions that were extremely painful. His body was cramped for days and days. In those times he had to refocus his purpose. In those moments, he had to determine why he was living for God.  It is easy to know why you are serving God, when things are going well.   However, it is much harder to know why you serve Him when things are going all wrong.  Paul determined that the torture, struggles, and obstacles of this life were only temporary.  He knew that this suffering didn’t compare to the future with Jesus, in Heaven!  Paul knew, and I too understand that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain”.
But I had to get to that place willingly just as I had willingly gave my heart to Christ years ago.  I had to let my will, my desires and my dreams go.  Two weeks after Scott died, I cried out to God.  I told him he stole my dreams….
His answer?….. “My plans for you, far exceed your dreams.”
 His words brought peace.  I no longer question what happened to me.  I completely trust my God.  I know, just like Paul knew, that God is in control.  My life is now about God and HIS Kingdom, not Cori and HER dreams. By God’s grace that is how it will always be.
Since the loss of Scott, I have gained so much more life.  I am now remarried to a God-fearing man.  He is fully in love with me and my kids.  I am fully in love with HIM and his kids!  I now have 9 children in my life.  I have far more than I could have imagined.  There are hard times in the midst of this journey.  However, I know that God has placed me in this position, for such a time as this!  I am forever grateful because the enemy has not taken over my story as he may have intended, God is still writing it!  And this is only the beginning of my story….. so I’ll “end” this part by saying “to be continued”. Because I know all too well ….. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!
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