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“God didn’t set us up for an angry rejection but for salvation by our Master, Jesus Christ. He died for us, a death that triggered life. Whether we’re awake with the living or asleep with the dead, we’re alive with him! So speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you’ll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind. I know you’re already doing this; just keep on doing it.”

1 Thessalonians 5:9-11

This is the anchor verse for our ministry to “young Brides”.  And instead of writing MY heart out to you about how powerful this is going to be, let me just hand this post over to the girls who have helped me launch it.  I asked them to meet me at a familiar location and then emailed them their assignment after the photo shoot….


Girls, like you, between the ages of 13 and 19 are discovering their identity and as The Church, it is OUR responsibility to help them see themselves as HIS BRIDE before they see themselves belonging to a man as his wife.  Ultimately, we belong to Jesus, we are HIS Bride FIRST.  And because He sees us as righteous and pure and whole, we can walk confidently and securely in that knowledge rather than needing anyone else to define us.  As “young Brides” you have the power to tell your girlfriends who they are in Christ!  Isn’t that exciting! 

          Consider the amazing power of your words over each of these girls.  God will show you how He wants to use every single aspect of the personalities of your friends.  How does she exhibit the Fruits of the Spirit?  How is she blessed?  What gifts do you see in her?  Remember the last part of this verse and pray that this will grow so indeed “NO girl will be left out and NO girl will be left behind”!

When you give a girl the power and permission to speak love over her friends, she will.  And so I invite you to consider how powerful (and fun) it would be to gather your friends for a fun photo session in your formal gowns this Homecoming season!  There is NO CHARGE for the session!  All you have to do is email me at and tell me about your friends…. that’s it!  I will only be able to photograph a few groups this fall so get your messages to me quickly!  I will send an assignment sheet back to you and you’ll need to get the other girls in your group to complete it before your session.  I suggest that you include 4-6 girls in your group.  

The girls in this session did not know their assignment before they arrived for the shoot…. and yet, LOOK at the power of their words over each other!  Just imagine how much more you can say about YOUR friends?!

Meet Micah….


She is not shy one bit. 

She is very kind and a loving person. 

She has a heart for people and for God. 

She radiates love.

She is outgoing. 

She has a passion for life. 

She is ready to dive head-first to whatever she is called to do. 


She welcomed all of us into her life tonight. 

Jesus is making her into a beautiful, confident, and powerful woman of God. 

You cant help but smile when she is smiling. 

She has this joy….it was just in everything, it was like she couldn’t contain it. 

She will do amazing work for the kingdom of God. 

She isn’t going to let anything get in her way ever, watch her change the world, she can do it. 

She is fun. 

She is ready to take on the world.

She is bright and confident, and she really believes the verse, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

I believe God is going to use her in ways she can’t even imagine. 

She’s a little lady. 

She has the heart of a pastor. 

She is quiet yet very sweet.

She is soft and gentle but confident.


Meet Hannah….


She is very friendly and very outgoing.

I love her bouncy personality…. she shines from the inside out.

She is beautiful and radiates confidence.

God will do beautiful things through her.

She is an amazing girl inside and out.

I have never met anyone like her.

So strong and confident in her walk with God.

It really is inspiring to see her and how close she is with Him.

She is always positive about everything I’m pretty sure I have never heard one negative thing come out of her mouth.

She IS the fruit of the Spirit! She represents every single one of them daily in many ways.

She is always willing to help out in any way possible.

She has the ability to reach out to the lost and make an impact in people’s lives that they will forever remember.

God has some amazing things planned for her life.


She is bubbly and fun.

She won’t hesitate to share her story.

She brightens up conversations.

Bold. Beautiful. Confident. Smart. 

She is a very good friend to me.

God has set her apart and has big plans for her and she knows that and makes the right decisions even when it’s hard.

I understand and respect her very much for the way she’s set herself apart.

She’s a very good leader.


Meet Emily….


Though quiet, Emily is not shy.

She has a passion for Christ that radiates from her. 

She is as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside. 

God has a plan for her and I know she will fulfill it to the fullest and beyond.

She has a very tender and sensitive heart for people and for the Lord.

Emily wants to be a missionary someday, and I know she will.

She is tenacious and courageous, two traits that will serve her well.

She is so beautiful in her own way: her bright eyes and cute smile and lovely freckles.

She is intelligent and charming.

I’m proud to call her my friend.


She speaks with wisdom.

She is very observant.

She might be the shy type, but that isn’t going to stop what God has planned for her. He is going to do incredible things through Emily!

She has a big heart.

She is spiritually in-tune and fun to be around.

Funny. Really pretty.

I loved her.

Meet Grace….


Grace has an innocent, fresh-faced beauty and grace, appropriate to her name, that I believe permeates her personality and makes you want to know her more.

She is an open and inviting person.

There is a power over her life that I know will be used to change others!

Although she is shy and quiet, she is strong and mighty and will be used in amazing ways. She is a graceful, gentle warrior.” 

She is beautiful, her personality and her voice and her smile….

She has that bubbly always going to smile personality.

I could see that the fruit of the spirit in her is a tender heart, she is very compassionate.



She has this peace in her life like she knows what she wants and is going to achieve that in any way possible!

She has the ability to pick someone up when they are down.

She’s a role model.

Grace is gentle and fun.

She has a heart after Christ, and seems willing to do anything He asks. All in all, she seems confident in who she is and where God has placed her!

“She is beautiful, I love her hair.

I felt like we had been friends for a long time, though we just met…

Meet Bethany…..


Bethany is sure of who she is and it shows.  Her inner beauty shines outward.  She’s secure and confident and shines.  Bethany is someone others can look up to.

She is very beautiful. She had a confidence about who she was.

She is sweet, and strong. She doesn’t let people get to her.

She is beautiful, athletic, funny, smart, and charismatic.

I see the light of Christ in her and she wants people to love and notice and appreciate her for THAT aspect of her personality.

She is bold and confident.

Bethany is a beautiful promise, one with amazing potential and beautiful grace and love.

She is confident in who God made her and open to meeting and interacting with new people which is an incredible tool God can use!



She is lovely and unique and isn’t afraid to be so!

Bethany has found her fulfillment in Christ which is obvious by the twinkle in her eyes and the confidence in her smile!

 She is a really sweet and Godly girl she is really determined and confident in everything she does and talks about.

She’s funny and aggressive  in a good way.

She’s very kind and open too.

I know she must be making a really big impact in her school for Jesus! 

Meet Rachel…..


She is fun and spunky. 

Rachel is funny and outgoing and likes to make people laugh. 

God has given her the gift of humor. 

Her beauty is so much more than skin deep. 

She fits in with any crowd immediately and can find something to relate to in everyone.

She is my sister.

She is stunningly beautiful, creative, and funny.

She is an amazing encourager.



She is unbelievably unique and intelligent.

She has one of the purest, most compassionate hearts I have ever seen in someone her age.

She is very discerning spiritually.

She has a good head on her shoulders and is not afraid to say what she thinks.

I know that she is going to knock the world of its feet for Jesus.

She is a bold and powerful warrior!”

She is unique!

I have never met anyone like her.

She is a trend setter.

She has a distinct personality that you cant forget.

She is gentle and loyal.

She is edgy, funny, cute, and beautiful. 

She is very creative and unique.

She is so talented!

I was so very blessed by these girls!  Except for the fact that Hannah and Rachel are sisters and four of the girls all attend services at the same church, these girls didn’t really know each other before this photo shoot.  But their relationship with Christ holds them together…. The Bride.  The future of The Church.  I’m so proud of each of them for stepping out and participating in something bigger than themselves.  Now imagine if you have a group of friends that you have known for years….. imagine the fun……


If you have a group of girlfriends and you are all going to Homecoming together and want to have an amazing experience before you head to the dance, send me a message! There is NO CHARGE for these sessions if you will take the time to bless your girlfriends with kind loving words before your session.  I am here to help you encourage one another and build each other up!  You will receive a blog post just like this one and so much more just for having the heart and determination to advance the Kingdom of God in your words to your girlfriends…. you can tell her the story she needs to hear.

Women have a hard time telling their stories.  Teens are struggling to even know who they are….. so take this opportunity to tell your friends who they are in Christ during one of the most memorable times in your teen years.  Get excited!  You may not be going to the dance with a boy, but going to the dance with girlfriends guarantees this…..

You will be free to dance with Jesus!

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