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I want to invite you to entertain infatuation with Jesus. It’s okay to think this way. Because an intense passion for Jesus will grow into an intense love. See a boyfriend can’t fill the void in your heart that Jesus can. So your infatuation will be met with wholeness by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and he will transform you into a new person.

What is infatuation?

Thinking constantly about what he has said to you and about you… Meditation.

Talking to him every single chance you get… Prayer.

Wanting him and to please him more than anything else, even food… Fasting.

Learning all you can about him… Study.

Any human boyfriend will either eat up all this attention and take advantage of you or run away from you scared.

Jesus will meet with you every time and love you until what you feel is no longer just an intense passion but a deep abiding love. Because he is always thinking of you. He wants to talk with you every moment of your day. He will give you all the strength you need to face your day – he’s better than food. And he wants you to know everything your mind can comprehend about him. He wants you!

So what can possibly distract us from this inner engagement with our savior?

Certainly your constant thoughts about your own self, a boyfriend, husband, your kids, your parents, anyone else.

Talking to everyone but him about everything you are facing.

Wanting anything else, even food, more than you want him.

Spending time studying anything but him first – your work, your volunteer position, your hobby…

Nothing about those things is bad unless those things come before your relationship with Jesus. The beautiful thing is this, all those things evolve a richness that is only possible if Jesus is first in your heart.

So start here.

Jesus, how do you see this person I love so much?

Jesus, I want to talk to you about this situation before I do anything.

Jesus, I am so thankful you have given me this provision.

Jesus, I help me learn everything you want me to know about this interest of mine.

Start with Jesus. Start with your eyes on The Groom!

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