Engaged | Beautiful Inside: Follow Through

Photo: Chris Pereira

“Jesus, draw our hearts close to You so we may follow You and experience a deeper relationship with You.”

I think it’s easy for us to miss the “inner beauty” link connecting the “heart yes” to the beauty of the countenance of Christ and eventually the spiritual fruit produced. We are a culture and a people who believe in hard work and productive tasks as the means to our end – a life lived for Jesus. Here is what I want you to take away from this week’s devotions: GOD makes you beautiful inside. Inner beauty is produced by HIM when our hearts open up to His presence. So often when we hear the phrase “the presence of God” we imagine a powerful worship service or the sound of a prayer warrior declaring God’s word over our lives. And while those are certainly encounters with His presence may we never limit God in His ability to connect with us at any moment as His word guides our hearts. We don’t have to move mountains to get to God’s presence. We need only ask Him to move the mountains for us. Girls, if we open up our hearts to the news and stories on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter on our phones we can open our heart to God’s presence and His Story by choosing our Bible app instead. The inward disciplines of meditation, prayer, fasting, and study all begin in His word. Let me encourage you to start in His word each day, revisit His word at lunch time, and end in His word before you close your eyes at night. See what a difference it makes to simply put yourself in His presence and allow Him to work in you. He will change you! People will start to see the change too because that is what happens when your “heart yes” is real… Inner beauty forms and then, as we will see next week, your countenance changes. Morning – Noon – and Night Dear Bride… Keep your eyes on The Groom!

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