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Last week we discussed what an inwardly distracted bride looks like. Basically she is selfish. She isn’t thinking of Jesus first, she isn’t talking to Jesus first, she doesn’t desire Jesus more than anything, and Jesus is not her main interest. What if that all changed? What if her heart was transformed and she began to discipline herself inside? How does she do it?


Dear, we are always meditating on something. I’ve often heard that the opposite of worry is prayer but I tend to believe the opposite of worry is meditation. What are you thinking about? Meditation and prayer are very similar but meditation is, in a way, simpler. When we meditate as the Bride of Christ we are not formulating words to communicate to Jesus, we are thinking over and over again about what he has said to us. It’s like reading a love letter from your sweetheart over and over and over again until you have it memorized. We want to help you with scripture meditation and memorization so every Monday look for a new verse or verses to meditate on throughout the week. Try it for fifteen minutes today. Go to HIS WORD here on the blog or pull up the verse of the day on your Bible app and just let it soak in for fifteen minutes. Baby steps!


This is us talking to Jesus. Meditation often leads to prayer and prayer, if given the space and time will lead to meditation. While it is not necessary to pray out loud. Try it sometime. It feels more like a conversation than a string of thoughts. Turn your conversations with yourself into conversations with Jesus. He’s there listening anyway so you might as well include him by addressing him. There is MUCH to say about prayer and I know our contributing writer for inward disciplines is going to do a fantastic job with specifics. For now, speak to Jesus today. Tell him how your day is going and ask him for his help. Baby steps!


Fasting from food will change you. Fasting will reveal your heart and you’ll see areas that need divine intervention. Start with one meal. Instead of eating a meal, spend time doing any and all of the other three inward disciplines. Take a walk instead of having breakfast and meditate on the scripture this week. Use your lunch break to get alone in a quiet place and pray. Trade dinner for time studying scripture one evening. You will not leave empty. Try one meal this week. Then next week go an entire day. Then next month set aside 3 days… Baby steps!


While fasting is in every sense of the word a discipline for me. Study is not. I get distracted studying. I enjoy it so much! But if you are new to studying here are some good starting points. What are you facing this week? Have you looked up any verses on that situation? If you are a reader, pick up a book (a book that points to Jesus of course, no fiction romance novels okay?) and read a few chapters. Take some notes and look up words that are unfamiliar. If you are studying scripture you may really get hooked on word studies. Take a word from our verse this week and look it up in the original Greek or Hebrew. Does that word appear anywhere else? Look up that verse. Is there a cross-reference to another verse? Check it out. What all can you learn about Jesus from one word out of Scripture? Baby steps!

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