Her Story | Fall 2017 The Dress Model: Sierra

My name is Sierra and I love Jesus so much! I have my heart to him when I was 4 years old and we’ve been best friends ever since. I am a student at James River College learning so many key ministry life lessons, and will graduate in Dec. of 2018.

Made Whole:

Sin had broken my joy. I was in a dark place where I felt misunderstood and lonely even while surrounded by people who loved me. Jesus helped me see that I was, in fact, blinded by religion. I was blinded by the works I felt I had to do to win God’s love. I can say now that in that season of my past Jesus never left my side once. He was there with me through all of it. When I realized the reality of His constant presence with me, everything started to change. I became more pleasant to be around and finally felt the freedom to be myself. Through this, I have been able to relate to other girls going through similar seasons. It’s amazing how God will always place people in your path to either minister to or learn from!

His Words Evoking Beauty:

Accepting the truth of His Word and knowing I am made in God’s image has changed how I see myself. Rather than seeing my flaws, I see the uniquely crafted qualities Jesus has gifted me with. When we have the true joy of Jesus, it changes everything about us and our appearance to others. His joy also gives us the grace we need to see His beauty at work within us.

Bringing Out the Best:

I have been able to minister to so many women about the amazing way God sees each of them uniquely and wonderfully made. I am so looking forward to using my gifts and abilities to minister to women for the rest of my life!

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