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“I’m a preacher’s kid, so I’m sure it’s no surprise that I was saved during a Vacation Bible School at our church.  I was 5.  I can honestly say I do not remember ever not knowing Jesus.  Unfortunately, that’s kind of been a stumbling block for me.  My testimony.  Did I have one?  I didn’t think so.  I wasn’t miraculously saved from a life of sin, although I’m pretty sure I wasn’t a perfect angel as a preschooler.  I wasn’t delivered from any addiction.   How could I relate to those who had been?”


“To top it off, I’m the only one of my three siblings not in full time ministry.  Talk about an outsider.  I never felt called into ministry.  What was I supposed to do with my life?  If I was going to have an impact and make a difference, it would have to be something really great…and big.  So, I made a plan. It was impressive. God, however, was not as impressed as I was.  As a matter of fact, I’ve found more often than not that when I have a plan, He’s got a different one.  I’ve discovered over the last several years that my testimony is really about Him saving me from myself.”

“He knew best.  He knew how head strong I would turn out to be…that I’m kind of a control freak.  When I think of how my life would have turned out if I had had my way, I almost shiver.  Every time I have faced adversity, and I’ve faced some, I could have given up, chosen the easy way out, the path of least resistance.  Instead, he had plans…plans that included trust, and growth, and blessing beyond imagination.  Things I thought I’d never have the opportunity to do, I’ve done.  Places I never dreamed of going, I’ve gone.  I would have missed it on my own.  I know that now.  I’m human and I screw stuff up…a lot.  He knew me.  Knew my strengths and weaknesses, and used me anyway.  I’m so thankful…and know that He will use the un-perfect, headstrong me to accomplish His will.  I don’t exactly know what that is yet, but I’m okay with that.  I’ve learned to trust Him, because any plan He has for me is so much greater than anything I could ever dream up for myself.”

Lisa brought her daughters along so I HAD to share these with you as well…


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