Meet Amy – Contributor for Say Yes: All My Understanding

Hello! My name is Amy and I’ve been asked to share how we can love God with “all our mind” even when we don’t understand. So I’ll be sharing about faith! I  grew up and still live on a Black Angus Cattle Farm in Southern Illinois. I am pursuing my calling as a middle school special education teacher. I have attended church with my grandparents, parents, and my younger brother my whole life. I grew up in a deep-rooted, faith-filled home. The belief in Jesus Christ has been instilled in me for my whole life but I made a personal commitment to follow Him at the age of 12. I came home from church camp one summer and it all finally clicked! I realized what Jesus did for me on the cross was a true and necessary sacrifice for my sins and from that moment on I have lived my life knowing my Redeemer has a plan for my life worthy of my pursuit.

As a believer it is powerful thing to be conscious that God is able to calm all the storms of life. It takes faith to continue walking through the struggles and attacks when He doesn’t bring the peace you are praying for. In all the things that I don’t understand about God there is one thing I do know – His plans are far better than anything I can imagine…

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