Meet Dana – Winter 2018: All In for Jesus

Dear Bride, my name is Dana and I love Jesus! I am 42, married to my husband for 17 years we have 2 kids a dog, a hamster and a fish (for the moment). I love my family! I love the friends that God has given me! I choose to look for joy in everything. I love to laugh – especially at myself. I love to cry – it is healing for me. People tell me I seem to have it together, but in reality I am a hot mess that Jesus is working on with every breath I take. In 2017 God called me to go back to work after having been a stay at home momma for 10 years. This was a big adjustment for our whole family but I know I am right where God wants me. I have a passion that burns in me to help people! An important part of my day is spent in the quiet of the morning praying for people that have crossed my path. I don’t take for granted one single moment of each day I get to live here on earth, I know that God is holding me and helping to guide my footsteps.
I was raised in the church. My momma laid a good solid foundation making sure I knew I could always rely on God. This foundation was laid by teaching me His word and seeing her live for God. We attended church services several times a week. I went to church camp each summer and attended all the youth retreats. I remember giving my heart to Jesus in elementary school. I was a young girl so full of passion for Jesus. As a young girl I sang with all my heart and wanted to share Jesus with everyone. Somewhere along the way as a teenager I veered off my path. I still loved the Lord, but I wasn’t “all in” for Him…

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