Meet Julie – Contributor for A New Name: Joy & Peace

Sisters, my name is Julie. I am a single mom to two amazing teenage boys one of whom has autism. Our lives are full of routine, meltdowns, victories, tears, laughter and blessing. I admire the courage and bravery and love of both my boys every day. They remind me daily that love makes a house a home.

God has taught me so much. One of the greatest lessons He has taught me is how to live in a place of peace with a life full of joy even though chaos may surround me. This all started when Jesus rescued me from a dark and despairing place. I was 26, going to college full time, working full time and I had just had an emergency hysterectomy. I felt my world was crumbling right before my eyes. My marriage was less than great. I turned to alcohol as my escape, a decision that led to many more poor decisions. I remember the day Jesus rescued me like it was yesterday. I thought there was no way God could love me, no way people in the church could love me, or really that anyone could love me. How could anyone love me if I didn’t love myself? I felt hopeless and helpless.

One July afternoon in 2006, I poured my heart out to two women who have become lifelong friends. As we sat there and tears ran down my face. My friend looked at me from across her desk and she told me something no one had ever said to me. She told me Jesus loved me…

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