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My name is Susan. I am 53 and I have been blessed to experience many things in these wild and sweet 53 years. Before I tell you who I am, l want to tell you who I am not because who I am not will explain why surrendering my will to Jesus has been a journey. I am not a girl that has ever loved makeup and perfectly styled hair. I am not a girl who has a lot of pink in my wardrobe. I am not a girl who found “the man of my life” in high school or my early 20’s, married, and had a house full of beautiful children. I am not a girl who has served in the church most of my adult life. I am not a girl who said “yes” to Jesus when I was young and had a relationship with Him ever since.  

Who am I? I am a girl who had a great childhood. I was raised in a typical blue-collar family in the 60s and 70s. My dad worked in the construction industry, and my mom stayed at home with me and my older brother. Both sets of grandparents were involved in our lives. We were all together at every school function and every birthday and holiday celebration. I loved my parents and grandparents and am incredibly grateful for all that they poured into my life. They raised my brother and I to be honest, hardworking, mannerly, and respectful. We went to church every Sunday. I was a good student. I was the kind of girl that ran across my backyard and climbed over the chain link fence to get to my friend’s house. I rode my bike everywhere in our neighborhood even to the forbidden abandoned house in the woods. I was a “tomboy” and on a few occasions I got into fights – not with girls, but with boys that were picking on me. Most people would remember me as a “good kid” but I was mischievous, an independent thinker and I got a lot of spankings. As a teenager and then a college student, I became rebellious, stubborn, and sneaky. My usual response to my mother’s wise warnings was “I know” and “I don’t have to”. I liked doing things my way so I did. I was a strong-willed child. I believed in God. I believed that I was a sinner and that Jesus died for my sins, but didn’t have a relationship with Him…

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