Meet Tiffany – Contributor for A New Name: Redeemed Bride

Hey girls, My name is Tiffany and my life is kinda crazy but so full and so good! I’m married and can honestly say my husband, Nick, is my best friend. We have seven children ranging in age from 13 to 1! We love being involved in the life of the church, we love all things sports, and we really cherish family time together. I homeschool our kids as well so that pretty much takes up most of my time! I grew up always going to church. My parents taught us God’s word, and I was baptized as an elementary student. We attended just about every church service available and I went to camp every summer. So I had moments with God and definitely experienced His presence and His power. But I was missing something. I struggled, always with the “roller coaster” up and down, doing “really good” and then blowing it by sinning. I went from being prideful in my good works and then fell into total disparity when I would sin. I struggled – I believed my salvation rested on what I did or didn’t do instead of on what Jesus had already done. It wasn’t until I was 21 that God saved me…

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