Megan | c/o 2016 Senior

My name is Megan, and this is my story.


I grew up in a Christian home in a western Chicago suburb. I accepted Christ when I was five, and was practically raised in the church. I loved it, and through it I learned from some pretty amazing, godly men and women.

Later, my family moved to Missouri. We had a dream of rolling hills, cows for neighbors, and most importantly, some breathing room. We found all that and more, but we also found a lot of brokenness in the area. Sometimes we wondered why we even came here, but God would always confirm to us that it was Him who led us here. The difference in culture was just as big as the difference in landscape. I viewed the whole lifestyle change as an adventure, though.


Being in a home school family, our schedule was forever changing. No one school day was quite like another. We always did life, all of it, together; the good, the bad, and the drop –everything-for- a-neighbor days. My whole life so far seems like a series of transitions. Through all these changes, my family remained a strong unit, but there has always been another constant: my Savior. God has always been there for me, and as I finish high school and transition into college, He is still there, always guiding my steps.



One of the many blessings my family received because of moving here was the chance to own horses. My sisters and I grew up playing with toy horses for hours, so when our neighbors offered us a live one, it seemed like a dream come true! Shasta, big and black, had a new home. That was just the start. For the longest time, we couldn’t even get near her let a lone put a saddle on her back. Over time though, we were able to work with her. We’ve now had Shasta for eight years, and she’s turned out to be a pretty neat horse. What’s more, the pasture has gone from having just one horse to now four. I have been abundantly blessed. God has used horses in my life for some pretty awesome things. We’ve met great friends through riding, and it was on the back of a horse that my friend and I would talk about our faith and what it means.


My whole life as a Christian is walking closer and closer to God. He is cleansing me and bringing me closer to Him. Like a bride walking toward the groom on a wedding day, my whole life is a journey to become closer to God. When Jesus died on the cross, He died so that my sin would be covered, and so I could have a relationship with God, so I could walk down that isle, on that journey closer to Christ. Though I fail Him daily, He continues to cleanse me and lead me in the way I should go. I can give nothing in response to His sacrifice; nothing I could do could ever cancel my debt to Him. But as he guides me, I will grow in friendship with Him.  God has always been there for me, and as I finish high school and transition into college, He is still there, always guiding my steps.  When I enter college, I plan on becoming a missionary.


I don’t know where all God will lead me, and I can’t be sure that my life will go exactly as I planned it, but that’s okay. Like it says in Proverbs 16:9, “A man plans his course, but the Lord establishes his steps.” I don’t know where my life will take me, or where all I will go. I can, however, be sure to use it to glorify Jesus, and by His grace, I will become more and more like Him.




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