Kim | Knowing the God Who Cares

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Miss Kim, who serves along with her husband, Caleb, as A.J. and Audrey’s pastor every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening….


“I was 19 years old and a sophomore in college when I met Jesus.  I did not grow up in a church home and in my opinion I was a “good person”.  I didn’t do anything too bad to be considered a bad person.”


“I met my now husband and he opened my eyes to who Jesus is… he grew up in a pastor’s house with a love of Jesus that I had never known.  I knew of a type of God, an angry, mean God but not the true love and the kindness of God, the one who would sacrifice his own life for us.  He introduced me to the true spirit of God and showed me just how much God loves us and cares for every detail of our lives, that he loved us enough to die for our sins and all that separated us from him.  I discovered that God has a hope and a future for us.  It was such a foreign concept… I had no idea that I needed forgiveness or that God had a plan for my life, and not just any plan but such a great plan.   I wanted that peace and *joy*, that love and forgiveness.”


“It has been such a journey with God.  The amazing thing about God is that he is so much more than I ever could have realized.  He is a God who sees us and truly knows us.  He has proven time and time again that He cares about the smallest detail.  I remember once praying for a lip gloss, we just had a baby and money was tight.  I was struggling with feeling beautiful, just wanted some lip gloss and God provided. Later that day a friend gave me a gift…new lip gloss! He heard and answered even that small prayer.  I love God with my whole heart because He loves me, for exactly who I am and where I am.  I didn’t have to do anything to earn it…that is just how truly wonderful God is. He has shown me that not only does He hear the small requests and I can trust him with those but He has all the big things *covered* too.  My life is safe in his hands.  God is not a mythical being who lives in the sky and watches what happens below, he is personal, he sees us, he cares about us and is involved and cares about the smallest needs we have, God is not distant, he is near…he is mine, and he so desperately wants to be yours too.”

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