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Greetings Dear Brides!  Happy Thanksgiving!  I have a very special post today to follow up Cori’s testimony which was posted yesterday.

When Cori was planning her session with me she decided to bring her mother and daughter along with her.  Of course I was all for it!  The Grace Mask is really for mothers and daughters afterall….

Mothers need to tell stories and hear them.  Mothers need to know they’ve succeeded in their work as mothers.  It is right to honor our mothers with our own stories and by praising her publicly. I’m glad I’m able to hand girls the “virtual microphone” to do just that.  Proverbs 31:31 says this about us girls who are the Bride of Christ …

Honor her for all that her hands have done,

and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.
And so here is Cori, in her very own words….

I have to tell you about my mom.


She is an amazing woman.  I had to convince her to come and take pictures with me 🙂 I wanted her to see just how beautiful she is.  It is her outer beauty that you see in these pictures, but it is her inner beauty I want to tell.


My mom has been one of my best friends all of my life. I have watched my mom give the money in her pocket, and the coat on her back to anyone that is in need.  I have seen all the countless acts of kindness that she has done.  I have watched her go to clients homes to cut their hair because they couldn’t get out of the house, or because they have cancer and needed someone to shave their head.  I have seen her cut the hair of a man, that smelled so bad it would make you sick, because he had no money to pay for a clean shave.  My mom has always put everyone above herself.



Yet, I have watched her make time for herself over the years.  My mom is an encourager.  She loves to see the smile of people.  She has taught me so much.  I now love to give, whatever I have to help whoever is around me.  I love to see smiles on my children’s faces.  My mom and I talk daily.  She encourages me to see the best in things.  My mother’s love means the world to me!  She has taught me how to be a mom.


I am forever grateful for her! Thank you mom for all that you do for my kids and I.  I hope I pass this same love down to my daughter.


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