Say Yes | All My Heart: Follow Through

Photo: Chris Pereira

Jesus, help us to say yes to you with our whole heart!

I will never forget the night I said yes to my husband, Jason, with my whole heart.

My now husband of 17+ years was away at camp and I hadn’t heard from him or seen him in days. We were not officially dating but I knew he liked me and wanted to get to know me better… and I knew he loved Jesus. And while I wasn’t in love with this boy who lived behind me (he was my NEIGHBOR girls!!)  I loved that he loved Jesus. It was the Friday after my 16th birthday when my opportunity arrived. Another boy called me that evening and asked me to attend a 4th of July party with him, as his date.

As I listened to this boy talk about himself and the party and how much fun it would be to hang out with him all I could think about was Jason. I finally interrupted him, thanked him for calling me, and said “no thanks” to his invitation to be his date. Four months would pass before Jason gave me his class ring to wear (in the 90’s we did that sort of thing still) but I had already said yes to him by saying no to his competition. I didn’t know what was best at the time but I knew what was NOT the best. God was already working on Jason’s heart on my behalf. And while I didn’t know His plan, Jason did.

As we wrap up this week’s focus on “Say Yes | All My Heart” I want to encourage you seek the Lord tonight and consider where your treasure is. Maybe you are not so sure you want to say yes to Him but do you know what you need to say “NO” to? Is there anything or anyone attempting to distract you from Jesus tonight? Dear Sister, if the boy…. or the friend…. or the co-worker… or the hobby… or the dream is not drawing you to Jesus then you need to say “no thanks” and wait. You may not know His plans but I promise you, Jesus does. Keep your eyes on The Groom!

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