Say Yes | All My Heart: Where Am I?

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Stories are attractive. Our personal stories, are as unique as our DNA. You and I may have similar features but when we stand next to each other it’s easy to see the difference. You and I may have similar stories but when we sit and share the details over coffee it will be obvious to us, we are different – beautifully unique – created that way… on purpose. Some miss out by leaving the conversation at the level of “story”… May you and I never leave satisfied with a story, Bride. May we always dive in and discover the details.

Our stories attract people to us for that purpose, to discover the details that make us unique and in the details of our stories we find our testimonies. Our testimonies attract us not to each other, but to the Power that stands behind us. And so we yearn to hear each other’s stories that we may discover the details and reveal the testimony under the surface. When the surface is broken and we get underneath the small talk of a Saint, we find Jesus. There are hints and clues all around her and we somehow know He’s at work in her but we all want to know why we see Him there, we want to know her testimony. God gives us this yearning to know, we see the evidence everywhere. You probably found this post as you were scrolling through social media, didn’t you? God is at work everywhere, drawing our hearts to know Jesus.

Steph opened our discussion up this Fall by admitting what is true of all of us: our hearts seek wisdom – we want to be able to make sense of things before we believe. We want to know her before we believe her. We often hesitate to believe we can take the next step when logic doesn’t show up ahead of us on the path and light the way. I’ve been there, have you? In my case this often plays out at the kitchen table with my husband as we discuss a decision we must make. I want to be wise and logical but faith is pulling my heart to do the unimaginable. If wisdom comes from God and math and logic are His language why does He often call me to jump in faith and trust Him to hold my heart? Big questions… I know.

And so I encourage you to keep meditating on the verse we posted Monday and consider the whereabouts of your treasure, because you will find your heart beating there. When I find myself afraid to step out in faith it is often because I’m afraid my heart might break. It may be today that some of us have some rearranging to do. If Jesus and our treasure are not close then, Dear Sister, your treasure and your heart are breakable. In my hands, my treasure is not safe….but if Jesus is my treasure, my heart will say yes to no one and nothing else – eternally secure will be my treasure… and, though my heart will break at times – the only One capable of healing me will hold all the pieces.


What circumstance is God asking you to just trust Him and step forward in?

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