Say Yes: Jesus & Rahab

“I know that the Lord has given you the land…” Joshua 2:9 (NASB)

Rahab feared the God of Israel. She lived in a city whose walls were doomed to fall and she knew her only hope of escaping death was faith the God of Israel. Here is an example of a human heart operating under conviction and faith when her life and her family’s lives depended on it. She knew she was guilty. She knew she was going to die. But she had hope in a foreign God and his foreign people to spare her and her family. So she took a chance, and God honored her.

The two strong and courageous spies head into Jericho and end up in the home of a prostitute. Scripture doesn’t tell us the entire story regarding this visit. But we can assume a few things regarding this situation. First, Rahab, would have always welcomed men into her home. So it’s understandable that two men entering the city would have contact with a prostitute immediately upon entering the city of Jericho. Even today there are strong and courageous men going into foreign lands for the sake of saving prostitutes. We do well to use discernment when we see godly men and women in dirty situations, more may be going on under the surface. God uses those who will go and face danger for the sake of freeing people from the life of sin. He sent Jesus to do this for us. Jesus sends us.

Jesus was born to an unwed girl who was engaged to a direct descendant of Rahab. Her faith in God and his people changed her life. There will be sinners who put their faith in YOU before they will put their faith in God. Give them a chance as the spies did for Rahab. The spies trusted God and that allowed them to trust Rahab. We will soon meet a woman named Ruth, another “foreigner” whose life was completely changed because Jesus used a man named Boaz to save her from a destitute life as a poor widow. Boaz honored God because his mother, Rahab, chose to look to hope of Jesus and raised up her son to do the same. She had her eyes on The Groom! Let’s keep ours on him as well!

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