Daughter of The King: Mindy

Hello Sisters! My name is Mindy Stewart and I am the Executive Editor for The Grace Mask and I am also the contributing writer for “A New Name: Daughter of the King” for the Fall Intro issue of The Grace Mask Journal. I am a coffee drinker, book reader, and fighter for the kingdom. I am 30, single and work at James River Church as support staff. I feel passionate about building the church and raising up leaders. I have the most adorable nieces and nephew on the face of the planet. I will fight you on that one.

Made Whole:

My entire childhood I felt uncared for, unloved, and orphaned. I had a crazy family. Like “Jerry Springer” crazy. And I had no concept of what family or what real love should look like. God has redeemed that for me by bringing me into the Church. The Church has become my family and it has taught me how to live sacrificially and love unconditionally.

His Words Evoking Beauty:

I was raised to believe that I had to take care of myself or no one else would. Every man for himself. The word of God has taught me that I have a purpose and calling so much bigger than just myself. I no longer believe that this life is about me but it is about being part of the greatest story ever told and I have a specific role to play in that.

Bring Out the Best:

I love the church because it was created to be a home. A place for us to bear each others burdens and walk in our most authentic selves. I love the church because it enables us to be who we were truly made to.

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