Empowered: Molly

Hello Sisters! My name is Molly Gurule and I am the contributing writer for “A New Name: Empowered” for the Fall Intro issue of The Grace Mask Journal. I grew up in just outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I moved to Springfield in the fall of 2004 to attend college/nursing school. In September of 2007 I met my future husband, Joel, at a Wednesday night church service. We got married in 2009. We have 2 beautiful girls and I work part time as a registered nurse at Mercy hospital.

Made Whole:

I was raised in a Christian home. I knew and believed the truth about God’s best for my life from the time I was little. However, when I was in college, I made some mistakes in my dating life. I chose what I KNEW was not God’s best for me. God allowed me to walk this path for about a year and a half, all the while, truly protecting me from myself and my choices. But He never allowed me to fully go down a path that was never meant for me. For that I am forever grateful! After that year and a half something changed…He very clearly began calling me back. I began to feel uncomfortable with the choices I was making because I knew God wanted better for me because he loved me, or rather STILL LOVED ME. I responded to His love and grace in repentance. From then on I decided I wanted God’s best for me rather than momentary fun and distraction. In turning back to Him, I allowed myself to be in a position to be blessed by God with his true best for me! Because of my past, I hope I am more compassionate towards those who have a similar story. How can I judge someone who is walking the same path that I did? I hope that others see that there is still a way to turn back to Him and receive HIS best.

His Words Evoking Beauty:

God’s word has taught me that I am a new creation in Christ. Who I was when I was making poor choices is no longer who I am. Plus, not only am I a new creation, but from the beginning of my existence, I was created to be a masterpiece of the Father. It is the same with The Church. The Church is full of people just like me, people needing the grace and mercy of Jesus. God wants everyone to see who they have been created to be in Him. I am so thankful that God wants to do that for every one of His children. When you see yourself the way God sees you it changes everything!

Bring Out the Best:

As I grow in my relationship with Christ, it is my hope that I lead a life that becomes more and more saturated with His grace. Any good that others may see in me is the work of Christ, because on my own I’m a mess! As he works in me as His new creation, more and more of my sinful nature dies and His perfect nature is made alive in me. I become more like Jesus! But I have to keep my eyes fixed on Him. When my attention is pulled to other things, my old nature starts to make a comeback. My favorite thing about the Church is seeing the restoration of lives. It’s so exciting to see those “light-bulb” moments where the love of God starts to make sense and someone starts to see for the very first time that their life can change. There is no mistake that cannot be redeemed!

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