All My Heart: Steph

Hey friends my name is Steph Polites and I am the contributing writer for Say Yes: With All Your Heart for the Fall Introductory issue. I live in Willard, Missouri, with my fun husband and we have four great kids. I love serving Jesus and my encouragement for myself and for all of us is – keep it simple.

Made Whole:

I feel like the largest majority and most significant portion of God’s work in my life is in the whisper. In the story of Elijah, there was the earthquake, and the thunder, but it was in the whisper where Elijah found God. Growing up in a Christian family, I was blessed to walk into adulthood with a positive outlook on life and God. While I know that God is able to work in amazing and supernatural ways to bring about healing and wholeness, in my life, he moves in the whispers – in the consistent daily checks on my attitude, perspective, and expectations. While I’ve seen him move in His “earthquake” power for our family….I find that my most life changing growth is in the moments when I must acknowledge before Him my muddy (at best) motives and my inability to trust His ever consistent and unwavering plan for my best – even when that is uncomfortable.

His Words Evoking Beauty:

I am the kind of personality that likes order, and yet God’s constantly challenging me to recognize Him as a God that doesn’t fit into my “boxes.” The only way to make God fit “my  boxes” is to reduce Him to a god that I can manage…and as that may be more comfortable in the moment, I desire the God that rules the universe – not the God that follows the rules of the “Steph Universe.”

Bring Out the BEST:

Christ is my anchor.  When I am anchored in Him, I find immeasurable peace and joy.  I feel like I am most completely “me” when my life is aligned with His purpose for me, and I’m surrendered to Him.

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