The Dress | Countenance of Christ: Follow Through

There is no girl more beautiful than a bride in the moment she is just about to let go of her father and take the hand of her groom. I’ve seen this beauty on many a wedding day from behind the lens of a camera, but I have also seen it in men and women both on Sunday mornings as they let go of the past and walk the aisle to the altar to take the hand of Jesus, as their savior, forever.

A beautiful countenance has nothing to do with hair, makeup, even a perfect smile… there is a freedom and expectancy in the eyes of a girl who knows her name is about to change…. That beauty is in the eyes of every person whose heart has said “yes” to Jesus and allowed Him in.

Tonight as we close out this week’s focus on the countenance of Christ and look ahead to how this change in us leads to the Holy Spirit’s empowerment, let us rest in knowing that we are covered. And let us fix our eyes on the One who has us covered. My Dear we are indeed walking an aisle toward our Jesus, but Jesus isn’t standing on a stage, hands crossed, waiting and watching you with a smile. He is standing at the right hand of the Father, hands scarred by nails from a cross, waiting for the Father to say GO GET HER! And girls when the Father says, “Go!”…. He’s going to pick us up and carry us away so fast… it is not a matter of us having to get there….

We don’t need to get our lives figured out.

We don’t have to get our broken lives put back together.

We don’t have to get our mess all cleaned up and shined up.

He loves us as we are. We need only fix our eyes on Him…. like a bride does as she walks down the aisle. All eyes may be on her in that moment, and Church… all eyes ARE on us! But the Bride keeps her eyes fixed on The Groom! Girls, chin up, He’s coming for you! Keep your eyes on The Groom!

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