The Dress | Countenance of Christ: Where Am I?

Photo: Chris Pereira

Dear Bride, your countenance tells your real story. There is no getting away from it. Those closest to you see what is happening in your heart before you say a word or have an opportunity to put on the “I’m fine, everything is okay” mask we all are guilty of wearing at times. My oldest daughter often calls me out. I wonder who that God-sent person is in your life? The one who sees past the fake smile to the unsettled stress happening between your ears… “Mom, it’s okay.” She says… “You need to sit down and enjoy some chocolate and remember that God loves you and He has it all under control.” I love that girl! If we have chocolate in the house she will say those words while handing me something chocolate. *smile* Be thankful for the friends and family that see through your fakeness and point you to your Father in Heaven!

Observant, caring, faithful friends are a gift of GRACE! When my daughter speaks those words the Holy Spirit uses her to convict my heart and turn my focus back to Jesus who has given me EVERYTHING I need to deal with disappointment and stress and anxiety and anything else the devil shoots at me! Time spent with Jesus transforms our countenance! And our countenance can be a guidepost pointing broken hearts to Jesus. Don’t you just love seeing Jesus in others! When He holds a person’s heart in His hands, you can see it in his or her eyes!

A glad heart makes a happy face; a broken heart crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:13 (NLT)

But Grace mends broken hearts.

If I may direct your attention back to the day you said “YES” with all your heart… that day Jesus had your whole heart. Does He still have it? Have you taken back a bit of it and given it away to something or someone who doesn’t love you as much as Jesus? We all do that at times. Let us remember our hearts are safest with our Savior. When our countenance tells on us we have the honor of putting our hearts back in His hands by allowing His presence to surround us and put us back together. His presence is found in meditation and prayer and worship and it creates fertile ground for the Lord to produce spiritual fruits – among them – joy and peace and…self-control. These fruits are not fake if Jesus Himself produces them.

I will bring this word to a close by telling you a little story about this daughter of mine who likes to bring chocolate to her mommy when she “needs” it… When Audrey was three she bumped her knee hard enough to bring her to tears. She wanted a band-aid badly but there was no use for a band-aid so I encouraged her to “talk to Jesus”. 🙂 And she did. She sat in her room and began to pray through a little song… “Jesus, you have power. . .”.

Dear Bride, Jesus has power to transform your countenance today by covering you with His Grace! May you take the time to meditate on His words and allow Him to cultivate fruit that matters for all eternity as you finish out this week! Keep your eyes on The Groom!

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